General Information

We are open Monday – Thursday 8am-4pm and Friday 8am – 3.30pm. You can use the library before and after school and at breaks and lunchtime.

My Cirqa

Download the My Cirqa app to log-in to your library account. Then you can search for books, see what books you have borrowed and reserve and renew books. A username and password has been emailed to you but can be supplied again if you contact

Borrowing Books

Choose a book and take it to the counter to be issued. Show your school ID so we can find your account. You can borrow up to 10 books for 3 weeks and can renew them if you need them for longer.

When finished, return to the returns box inside the library doors.

Ask at the counter if you want to reserve a book that someone else is using or use the My Cirqa app.

Independent Study and Study Support.

The library is a silent work area that you can use whenever you aren’t in lessons.

There are computers and a printer in the Library resource area and laptops can be borrowed from the library counter.

The Hub area within the library contains study support materials and is used for support and mentoring session so please ask if you want to improve your study skills.

Online Resources

We subscribe to many online resources.

They can be used to:

Read in more detail about specific areas of study.

To read beyond the curriculum.

To find out about topics of general interest.

They include:

Specialist magazines and Newspapers.

Websites with academic articles and research studies.

A photograph and image database

An eBook platform.